Health & PE Action Plan 2011
T1 T2 T3 T4

Expected Outcome
Actual Outcome

Complete the Outdoor Education Policy Review

Revise/Edit draft version of the Health & PE Implementation Plan.

Create a Health & PE type matrix for students learning journals.
Health & PE Team

Health & PE Team

Health & PE Team
Terms 1- 4

Terms 1-2

Terms 1- 4
Outdoor Education Policy will be in line with the NZ Curriculum expectations.

Teachers will be clear about how Health and PE is implemented at FHS

Children will be able to reflect on their learning.
Term 2: Started to look at previous review that the team started to modify in 2010
(K Heath).

Term 2: The Health & PE implementation plan is now on the FHS wiki site.
Term 2: Started to look at ideas of how we can create a matrix for our PE learning areas (Swimming, Gymnastics, Cross Country, Athletics, Ball Skills).

Term 4: Unfortunately we haven’t managed to get very far with the matrix and Outdoor Review in the latter part of the year due to other factors. This will be looked at again in 2012.
Outside Agencies

Use a variety of outside agencies to support teaching and learning.

New Swimming
Programme PD for teachers

Implement new Swimming Programme (Kiwi Swim Safe)

Implement Kiwisport Project

On going

Term 1 & 4

Terms 2-4
Outside programmes undertaken by FHS will support the current context

Up skill teachers, more quality swimming lessons taught

Introduce children to a wide range of sports, hoping to increase number of participants in sports outside of school
Term 1: TriKids organisation in school (week 1 of term 2-postponed until term 4 now). Fire, Ambulance and Julie Brown (Police) visited junior classes this term.
Food for Thought (Nutrition) lady visited all senior classes to help with their topic studies.
Term 4: Big Foot and Julie Brown used to do Bike Safety with Year 5 children in term 4.

Term 1: New Swimming programme has been implemented by teachers in term 1. Poolside support sessions included.
Term 4: Contact has been made with Swimming NZ to do some more poolside support sessions with teachers in term 1, 2012. Sadly the pool was not open in term 4 due to maintenance issues.

Term 2: Kiwisport: Golf started in week 5 of term 2. PD for teachers was on TOD in term 2. Yr 5/6 golf festival postponed until T4 dues to weather.
Term 2: Kiwisport squash has been postponed until term 2, 2012. Volleyball still delivering in term 4 this year.
Term 4: Kiwisport Squash has been booked in for term 2, 2102.
Term 4: Kiwisport-Year 5/6 golf festival day held in term 4 at Pinehurst School Pitch and Putt course.

Term 4: Kiwisport Volleyball session held in term 4 for all classes (in two groups). Festival day to be held in term 1 of 2012 for Year 3 & 4 students from Hauraki and FHS.
The money for purchasing equipment and resources
Syndicate leaders to discuss with their team any required resources.
Manage budget
Health & PE Team

Budget Holder: Katie Heath
The Room 17 Health room and the PE shed will be kept well equipped with resources to support teaching, learning and children’s enjoyment of playtime.

The budget will be managed effectively.
Term 2: All Health/PE resources located in Room 17 resource room have been sorted and relevant material has been moved to the Broader Curriculum room (Room 8 Resource Room ).
Term 1 Budget: Flipperballs bought for new teams. New school sports uniforms bought (John).
New noodles bought for swimming.
Kiwisport budget used.
Term 2 Budget: Used Rebel Sports voucher to purchase new tennis balls and 6 swing ball sets.
Term 4: Yummy stickers voucher received and used to buy some new netballs. Soccer balls, small ball pack and hand pump.
Organisation and Management Systems

PE Resources
Continue with the teacher PE bookings.

Stock take PE Shed
once a year. Order new resources at end of year.
Katie and Year 5 PE Shed monitors

Term 4
All PE equipment will be kept organised and easy to for teachers to assess.
Term 4:Had a big clean up in the PE shed in late term 4. All equipment taken out, the floor swept and then equipment put back in the correct place.Balls need blowing up again in early term 1, 2012.

Booking system with teachers working well and will be maintained for 2012.
Future Directions
  • Look into getting some more Swimsafe poolside support sessions for teachers in term 1, 2012.
  • Continue on kiwisport project-implement teacher PD session, class squash sessions and festival day in term 2, 2012.
  • Organise kiwisport volleyball festival for Year 3 & 4 students in term 1, 2012.
  • Look into creating a matrix for our PE learning areas (students learning journals).
  • Review Outdoor Education Policy in 2012.